Automatic planning module

This module will help the employee to automatically approach potential carriers. The planners can indicate themselves which selection criteria they consider important, such as price or reliability. In addition, they can use way points and thereby indicate themselves the search area in which the Logichainge software will look for carriers.

Automatic planning

The Logichainge planning module picks up the order
Our planning algorithm outputs a list of the most suitable carriers for the specific order(s)
Multiple carriers can be contacted at once via email automatically from the platform
Automatically a temporary page is created where you can negotiate and complete the deal
This goes either to your TMS or further in the Logichainge process
Order status and details can be monitored in the platform. The user can also see a statistics overview in a dashboard page and can download specific reports.

The benefits

Objective Proposals

We make objective proposals based on historical data.


We sort the proposals based on criteria that your planner finds important.


The planner can use geolocations instead of zip codes to get carriers suggested.


The order can be automatically sent to different carriers.

Mutual Validation

The mutual validation can take place in the automatically sent document.

Order Process

The entire order process is completed here.

One tool. Endless use cases

Artificial Intelligence

The replication of human intelligence functions by machines, particularly computer systems, is known as artificial intelligence. Expert systems, natural language processing, speech recognition, machine vision and object character recognition are some examples of specific AI applications.

At Logichainge we focus on the field known as “natural language processing” (NLP) which is concerned with providing computers the ability to understand written and spoken words in a manner similar to that of humans. The advantage for our customers is that it does not matter in what form the order comes in and that the system only gets better during the collaboration.

Data History

Logichainge’s algorithms are based on historical logistics data. Our models and algorithms are trained on over 400.000 historical orders, and the number is increasing.

In a broad sense, historical data gathered information about previous occurrences and situations relating to the transportation industry. By nature, historical data contains the majority of data produced within an organization, whether it was done manually or mechanically.

Developed in the Netherlands

All Logichainge products are developed within the Netherlands. The A.I. models, algorithms and IT infrastructure has been completely developed by the Logichainge development team. The data is collected from highly reliable and reputable sources and organizations within the Netherlands.

Plug & Play solution

Our solution is compatible with most TMS systems out there. We have developed a proprietary system that allows us to convert data formats to most of the standards used by logistic companies. We have multiple ways of connecting with the data, both modern and older technologies, to make sure everyone can benefit from the Logichainge automation tools.